Big Breaking: Amazon plans to layoff 10,000 employees, starting this week


As per latest update, Amazon plans to layoff 10000 employees, starting this week. Amazon has already kicked out 1,000 people from the company. It seems that the fear of recession has started affecting the world now.

Amazon plans to layoff 10000 employees

As per media reports, Amazon is going to start layoff as early as this week. The layoff is expected in corporate and technology department and would be the largest job cut in the history of Amazon.

Other Technology Companies

After expelling their employees from big companies like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, now the world’s largest e-commerce company Amazon is also preparing to fire its working employees.

Social Media

Amazon is planning to take out a large number of employees working from here.

The New York Times has been quoted as saying that Amazon is planning to fire around 10,000 people working in the corporate and IT sector from the company as soon as possible from this week.

 This layoff will be done from among the employees of this company working all over the world.

Recession Warning

 The effect of recession is clearly visible in the country and the world.

Amazon plans to layoff 10000 employees
Amazon plans to layoff 10000 employees

 One after the other big companies are laying off their employees.

According to a report in DailyMed, after Meta and Twitter, now e-commerce company Amazon is laying off its employees in the unit that has new employees and has failed to make profit this year.

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Ways going Forward

As the recession fears are increasing for the next year, spending cuts and shrinking profits would be visible in quarterly earnings. This will impact the headcount in every firm effected.

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Employees needs to upskill themselves and manage stress during this rough season.

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